Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So...I'm Scary


I was sitting on the porch one day you see
And a bug flew right by me...
I screamed, Thought it would get in my eye.
I'm just scary , I even cry .
Then as I layed in the bed one night
Reading a book by the candlelight
I looked up on the wall
And a a Spider was hanging from a hook.
I jumped to my feet even dropped my book.
And grabbed my shoe
To smash it dead
That's what I needed to do , hit that spider in the head.
Yes you might say I am scary a little.
Of bugs, slugs or any critter you see.
I know there not as big as me.
But long as I can remember
Never been a bugs friend
Just get them away ...That all I have to say !

by S. Caldwell 2010 ©

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