Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SUMMERWEEN Contest ... Join the fun !

Good morning everyone...this month  we are having a Sponsor Contest on Markers, Papers, Digis And I am part of the Contest.
 Join in the fun...and Win Prizes...from me or any of the other sponsors . It's called...
 SUMMERWEEN.... for the whole  month of  August 2016.
 Post your enteries of my  zombie /witch digi here and on Markers, Papers, Digis group page here:

  or  on my Facebook Page here...

to enter the contest .

Please remember  use the colors ....Lime green , Orange , Purple, Black, and Silver !

Good Luck and Thanks for the support !

                                                                       Thanks to
                                         Denise Pustelniak, Holley Tondre Barnhart and
                                                  Cindy van Oorschot  for these samples
                                                     to add with mine !

Halloween Cat Hippo Digi Contest Enteries and Winners...Congrats !!

Entries the were in my Halloween  Cat Hippo Contest....

                                                    Denise Pustelniak

                                             Donna Mundinger

                                        Laine Debra Kammeraad-Smith

                                                      Sharon Rogers

                                                Cindy van Oorschot

                                                        Barb Poole

                                                     Marji Reineke Franklin

                                                       Dawn Pustelniak-Ross

                                                         Gwen West


                                           And the Winners are here below ...


                                                Frances Freeman  1st Place

                                          Wendy Wells Waldorf - 2nd Place

                                            Dana Gebhard Johnson- 3rd Place
                                                   Congrats to all and
                                             Thanks to all that entered!!  
                                                    Bravo !!

                                                     Find this digi they all
                                                      used for sale here....


Sandra Caldwell's Blog...All She Wrote is Back !!

Hello everyone... Babycakes All She Wrote Blog  is ....Back !!

It has been a long time, and I bet you thought I forgot about Halloween!
Well no...been thru life and some scary times.
But as they say life goes on...
And I ain't got no time to spare!!

So about to play catch up... adding some of my DT Teams Halloween cards and some of my own Halloween makedos and New Digis.
Hope you read and visit often.
And do post and let me know you were here.
 Thanks ...and Boo !