Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Halloween Cat Hippo Digi Contest Enteries and Winners...Congrats !!

Entries the were in my Halloween  Cat Hippo Contest....

                                                    Denise Pustelniak

                                             Donna Mundinger

                                        Laine Debra Kammeraad-Smith

                                                      Sharon Rogers

                                                Cindy van Oorschot

                                                        Barb Poole

                                                     Marji Reineke Franklin

                                                       Dawn Pustelniak-Ross

                                                         Gwen West


                                           And the Winners are here below ...


                                                Frances Freeman  1st Place

                                          Wendy Wells Waldorf - 2nd Place

                                            Dana Gebhard Johnson- 3rd Place
                                                   Congrats to all and
                                             Thanks to all that entered!!  
                                                    Bravo !!

                                                     Find this digi they all
                                                      used for sale here....


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