Monday, July 26, 2010


This is a collage of my art. from witches to the Moon Alice ! Dark Carnival and Boney Santa. They are ATC Cards  to 4 x 6 doodle paintings, all originals and all FOR SALE ! Thanks for looking and shopping...Make a comment if you like my wares or would like to see more ! Halloween is coming soon...           Boo to you!
                                                     Top - Chocolate Hazel Witch , Boney Santa, Annie Witch & Kitty
                                          Bottom- Raggedy Witch, Mr. Moon Magic, Dark Carnival


beverleejb said...

WOW! I LOVE your talent
I am so glad I wrote to you and now we can just be online friends for now till one of us either gets to California or New York
This internet stuff is not for sissies just folks who love to chat, craft and just plain enjoy life

Sandra said...

Thanks for the kind words and friendship Beverly...Nice to see good folks like you are still around... Takecare !