Wednesday, September 15, 2010



 Scarecrow in the field,
 standing tall
 You're not scarey , Not at all
 Crows fly by ...And caw at you
 Protect the corn   
 Is what you do
 When the sun sets
 You come to life 
 Some folks say you even have
 a knife 
 I just don't think that's true
 I just don't believe it...Scarey that
 ain't you
 But I'll still call you by that name
 Even if you are gentle just the
Protect the fields, I know you must
But to me you ain't scarey...
On that you can trust
You're not mean
You're not bad
Hanging up there , I know you're sad
All alone by yourself
Scarecrow with straw and magic felt
Maybe if we just changed your name
But then would you still have
your fame
Would you still guard the corn ?
For sure you would no longer
be scorned

S. Caldwell 2010 ©

Friday, September 10, 2010


What I love about fall...

That people change, colors sing, wind blows, cinnamon smells in the air, seeing the jackos we carved change back into pumpkins and the sweaters we all wear. All the leaves that fall,and turkeys we roast and pumpkin seeds we toast and the chill in the air...shows us fall is surely here.

That's why I love fall.

Of course add the great giveaways,
what more can I say !

S. Caldwell 2010

I made this poem up for the Pfatt Giveaway Drawing blog.

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OMG...I WON !!  My poem about fall...and post won me a wonderful prize 
 " Paper Moon Man Ornies" by

Thanks so  much !!