Friday, October 22, 2021

Here are some of 2020 to 2021 Halloween Cards by  Guest DT and My DT Team 

Thanks to them All
Sandra  of  Babycakesdnd

Trick or Treat

By Holley

by Dana

by Denise

by Denise

by Sharon

by Holley

by Sharon

by Jan

by Jan

by Shell

by Melissa

by Denise 

by Dana

by Cara

by Denise

by Holley

by Cara

by Denise

by Holley

by Donna

by Sandra 


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Entries for Zombie Witch Digis Contest for MPD using Sandra Caldwell Digis

                                                 by Denise Pustelniak

                                                      by Laine Debra Kammeraad-Smith

                                                           by Cindy van Oorschot

                                                Winner - Natalie Godfrey

                                                            Winner - Maureen Scott

                                                    by Donna Mundinger

                                                by Angie Jones

                                     Thanks to all that joined in the contest...
                                      Bravo !!!!

Well Summerween has ended...
 Thanks so much to Markers, Papers, Digis for letting
me be a part of such a fun Halloween contest.
Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays.
All the Digis listed  here  above are the entries from my part of the contest.
Aren't they FABULOUS !!
Thanks to all that join in and colored mine and all the other sponsors digis.
You all did...Awesome projects.
 I wish we all had gotten our amount of enteries.
But happy with what I got... loved them all !!
As you see below my rule for my prize listed...
I needed 8 enteries, well on the  #1 ( Zombie Witch  ) ...well I got 7 enteries...
 so instead of (1) winner getting 4 FREE Digis.
 There will be (2) winners
Each will receive 2 FREE digis from my Etsy shop.
So here are the (2 ) Winners:
Maureen Scott and Natalie Godfrey - Congratulations to you both !!
If you won a Prize...
 And you are a member of my group on facebook Sandra Caldwell Stamp Fans :
 Please message me  your prize choices., and your email.
Prizes Expire Sept 15, 2016

The Rules were:
The challenge is simple, color up the images being offered by each company,
 and NO absolutely you do not have to participate in ALL
 but, why miss all those digi goodies right ... using the colors listed in the album Photo:
 Lime Green
Hope you used all these colors ?

 Each company has set a prize for this and you can find the details listed below...
My Prize Info :
At least 8 people enter a Random Winner will receive a prize of any 4 FREE digis ...
from Babycakesdnd Etsy Shop by Sandra Caldwell .
If less than 8 entries the prize will be split between 2 and each winner will receive 2 free digis.
 Also this prize will expires Sept 15, 2016
If you won a Prize : Please message me  you prize choices.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

SUMMERWEEN Contest ... Join the fun !

Good morning everyone...this month  we are having a Sponsor Contest on Markers, Papers, Digis And I am part of the Contest.
 Join in the fun...and Win Prizes...from me or any of the other sponsors . It's called...
 SUMMERWEEN.... for the whole  month of  August 2016.
 Post your enteries of my  zombie /witch digi here and on Markers, Papers, Digis group page here:
  or  on my Facebook Page here...
to enter the contest .

Please remember  use the colors ....Lime green , Orange , Purple, Black, and Silver !

Good Luck and Thanks for the support !

                                                                       Thanks to
                                         Denise Pustelniak, Holley Tondre Barnhart and
                                                  Cindy van Oorschot  for these samples
                                                     to add with mine !

Halloween Cat Hippo Digi Contest Enteries and Winners...Congrats !!

Entries the were in my Halloween  Cat Hippo Contest....

                                                    Denise Pustelniak

                                             Donna Mundinger

                                        Laine Debra Kammeraad-Smith

                                                      Sharon Rogers

                                                Cindy van Oorschot

                                                        Barb Poole

                                                     Marji Reineke Franklin

                                                       Dawn Pustelniak-Ross

                                                         Gwen West


                                           And the Winners are here below ...


                                                Frances Freeman  1st Place

                                          Wendy Wells Waldorf - 2nd Place

                                            Dana Gebhard Johnson- 3rd Place
                                                   Congrats to all and
                                             Thanks to all that entered!!  
                                                    Bravo !!

                                                     Find this digi they all
                                                      used for sale here....


Sandra Caldwell's Blog...All She Wrote is Back !!

Hello everyone... Babycakes All She Wrote Blog  is ....Back !!

It has been a long time, and I bet you thought I forgot about Halloween!
Well no...been thru life and some scary times.
But as they say life goes on...
And I ain't got no time to spare!!

So about to play catch up... adding some of my DT Teams Halloween cards and some of my own Halloween makedos and New Digis.
Hope you read and visit often.
And do post and let me know you were here.
 Thanks ...and Boo !

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lil Frankie by Babycakes ...All She Wrote

Halloween is  here once again....time for  costumes.
and some are little green men.
Eye like the moon...and heads that are square
Bolts in their neck and scarey oh dear.
Every year  I share  my wares...Halloween
the time we love to scare
Lil Frankie is this ones name...
He even comes framed.

An ACEO sized 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 in size
Priced  for $16.95 includes s/h

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Babycakes All She Wrote Jacko Poem

Glowing and round
Orange  or white
Eyes that stare
Into the night
Some of them look like
they are growing some hair
Some have a nose
some have big teeth
Into there belly a candle we sneak
Roast their seeds
and some folks make pies
I have even seen them make a little kid cry
Contests are won
Carved by many...Loved by all
from little one to granny
On Halloween night we light them
And stack them high
In field or on stairs, down pathways ,
in windows they sit.
On one day a year... a Jack o lanterns trick.
Happy Halloween All
a. Caldwell 2012

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Spooky Stamp by Babycakes ...Made by Carol Jeffery

This is one of my new stamp on Queen Kat Designs.

It was made by Carol Jeffery of Australia. She did a wonderful job. So thought I would share it with you.

It posted on her facebook page below...

Thanks to Carol...for letting me share this with you.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Every Witch Way Lane....Halloween Selling Site

Have you been to Every Witch Way just open...

and Babycakes is selling there. Along with some other wonderful artists.

Like Halloween to decorate or collect. See some great items here !

Click here on on the Title...

See you there !

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Four score and seven years ago

our goblins brought forth on this

Halloween Eve a lot of scary things...

Abe Jacko Lincoln

Another new doodle painting by Babycakes...

even Abe can be scary...

Monday, January 31, 2011

Babycakes Scary Valentine Painting

Time for  Valentines....Scary Valentine that is...
Drop by my Etsy Page to see and or buy the painting !

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Revelations and Awards
October was a month of Scaryness, Hardwork, and Sweets...
all these thing at my age.... I do not need but love ! 
One of my revelations is I think I have a alter - ego menopause ...
( and it's evil sometimes).
So sorry now if I say some things in this post that may just not be me.
I made a lot of new friends thru the year online...
saw a lot of great Halloween works and blogs
yet did not have time to visit them all and make my presents known or
even let some of them know I considered them a friend.
Now remember I do talk a lot, when deal with it !

One of my new friend is Jeanne...of The Candy Corn Chronicles...
she has a good heart, whimsical art, and is hardwroking.
We both are members of Halloween Artists
and Jeanne does a great job with the monthly newsletter there,
how she finds the time...only witches and ghost know.
She scares me...LOL
But I would like to say to her now...
Thanks for all you hardwork, Jeanne...
 ( I will get you for this, by the way...LOL)

Well she has also met and made friend with other Halloween bloggers
and this one below gave her an award...
and she passed it on to me.
I don't know if that was nice or a curse...LOL

Oh well...if I must !

Now I must according to the award rules
 it says let 15 of my
favorite bloggers know how
I feel about there blogs and Halloween works.
( Do I have to?) dang it !
And then...pass this award on to them.
Yes , as the song says... " I'm putting a spell on you all ... " OK !

The rules are :
1. Thank and link back to the person
that gave you the award.
2.Share 7 things about yourself.
3.Pass this on to 15 great bloggers
you recently discovered.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them
about their award.

So here goes: Oh wow... now what lies can I tell ?

1. I have always love to sing. ( I am ok at it I guess)
2. I been married to same great man
for over 37 years, and I tried to give him away back in school.
3. I love donuts ( and my grand daughter & grandson love them too ! )!!
4. I love to decorate for holidays ...
and my hubby hates it....Who care, I am doing it every year !
5. I would love to buy a pair of shoes everyday.
6. I hate to paint my wares...I make them all day.
But have tons of unfinished items. ( Wish I could hire someone...LOL )
7. I love to swap, Atc /ACEO cards, ornies...just love it !

Well now you know all about me....

Well I have drop by and visited a lot of bloggers,
some I know  well...some I just admire or love their work.
And I am sure I am missing a few.
Well this will let you all know how I feel....or will it?
Boy this would have been a great Trick or Treat...LOL

1. Kim -
Kim is a California gal and a neighbor and she has a wonderful touch
with clay...her blog is fun and colorful, and she is a very bewitching
type artist...She has come to be a good friend.
See her work on Merry Whatever blog , AHA and her blog here.

2. Joni -
Oh now here is a very great artist...her painting are so whimsical...
they make you smile. She of course make way to many...LOL
I get a favorite and she make another before I can enjoy the last one.
 Her work and posts on the The Hive...keep everyone updated on all that is going on.
Love her new calendar...drop by and see what I mean, you'll be a fan forever !

3. Sherry -
Wow ...what can I say, fantasy and art are blended by this lady to take you mind
and eye on a trip to Never - Never land.
She touched my heart the first time I saw her animals.
 I love cats, dogs, and fish...etc.
She not only paints the animals ...she cares !
You can also see her work on Merry Whatever, and her blog, or Etsy.
Yes ...Sherry you are one of my favorites & a friend ! ...Surprise !!

4. David -
I first saw David's  art a few years ago... and I laughed so hard I cried!
His work really touched me...the faces and love he put into his art was fun!
Also he's a California guy and ...that was another plus for me.
I love his blog and hope he will call me friend...
Love to get to one of his show someday and meet him in person...
Halloween online would not be the same without David.
Thanks for all the chuckles... You rule !

5. Melissa -
What can I say about this lady...her gourd work is fantastic.
 She surely is the Gourd Queen.
I love her blog...and the whimsical faces...I have never posted or said hello but if I
could I would love to make friend with Malissa...
I think we would have a blast.
Her mischeif and Halloween works remind me of myself.
Her love for Halloween ...seem familiar and spooky !
And I hope it rubs off on to me...
She inspires me....

6. Christy-
Now this lady...I met a few years ago in person in Orange County, California.
And her work touched me then...and still touches me to this day.
She is in Portland ...long way from California. So I was blessed to have met her.
Halloween and everyday she shows us her talent and fills our
world with her outstanding art.
Her friendship with me, I hope will grow as years her lighthearted
whimsy makes it's way into my heart more and more.
Thanks for the beauty you bring to all. And congulations on the 8th Birthday !
Bravo...  !

7. Debra-
I also met Debra also many years ago in person...
here in Orange County, California
She has been a inspiration and is a very talented lady.
Her work has a loving whimsy to it...Make you crave candy. Every Holiday is Hop Hop Jingle Boo for you when
Debra is around. And I hope to remain her friend forever.
And that's not the Menopause talking !

8. Liz -
Liz has been a good friend since I met her on Etsy...her paintings and jewelry are wonderful.
If I had the money I would buy all her work, over and over.
She is a talented lady....and my friend! Her talent for showing us others art with her classes, and knowledge is great. Thanks for being my friend.
See her work on Merry Whatever & her blog listed here.

9. Lisa -
Not a better friend I could have...she is so talented, funny and outspoken.
She has a love of dolls...and it shows in all her patterns, and creations.
Even her love is shown on Wymzee Art Blog., when you read about other doll makers.
See her hand sewn work here on her blog a or her website Skunk Hollow and Merry Whatever.
Lisa has been a friend for over 5 years and I hope for many more.
She really haunts my art world and stay on my butt to get to work !

10. Katey -
Now quite a while ago...I became friend with this lady...a very special artist.
Her paintings and jewelry will warm your heart.
She has that special touch ...that make whimsy fly !
See more of her pieces on her blog or Etsy page.
She has truely blessed my life for knowing her.

11. Dani -
Oh,  my friend Dani, is an over acheiver like myself.
A few years back my illness fibromyagia slowed me down...
and now it has a hold on my friend.
Art has kept me from throwing in the towel...
and I am sure it will do the same for Dani.
Her work and most artful project is a marketplace of wonderful artists
called Spookytimes Jingles...(Someday I may get up the nerve to join).

but there you will see her work , also if you  visit her blog.
You will see Halloween & Christmas at it's best !

12. Marie -
What Marie has bought to my life is so much...I smile and love to visit her blog.
Just wish I had more time to read and see her whimsical touch on her creative pieces.
She has been a friend for sometime now...and I hope she always will be. From swapping
and links to friendship. See her work and Halloween treasures on the blog above.
I hope I have inspired her as much as she has me.

13. Jan-
Jan's  work has the spooky quality that takes you back to vintage.
I have known her only a short time...but feel we are friends.
I love to read her blog...and she is very talented artist.
We are also neighbors on Halloween Artist as well.
See some of her work and visit her blog on the link above.
It will be a fun treat !!

14. Amelia -
Amelia's art work...can not put the pounds on you. Sweet treats,
she has the touch, they are adorable !
I just love to drop by and see what sweet treat she has coming out.
It the only kind of treat I really need.
Won't hurt my diet...LOL
I would love to get to one of her shows someday.
Love her lollipops...and sure she is as sweet as can be.

15. Candy -
And last be not least...this lady has been a friend a long time.
Her art work is wonderful, and she has a great
Arts a Flutter  marketplace for other to sell on.
She is another California gal...and very talent.
Drop by and see her on the blog listed above...
her Halloween goodies are a hoot !

Ok now I have told you all how I feel... (I think ,,,)
I am making sure your links are on my blogs,
visitng your blogs more,
 and going to try to stay in touch.
Please all of you do the same.