Monday, November 23, 2009

Scary Christmas

If you are a little scary
And nothing can change your mind
Presents, Candy even hanging Christmas twine
Making cookies with your friends
Or going shopping too
Makes the Christmas spirits scary so much to you,
that you know not what to do
As you walk up to see Santa, to sit up on his lap
And you see his face ...and you know
this guy is so scary... it a wrap
You run as fast as you can from the mall to the car
Yes that guy they call Santa is not jolly at all.
So Christmas may be scary more than you know
when you get your credit card bill from
all the shopping at the mall
That is why I call this poem Scary Christmas you see
Santa will never get me to sit upon his knees.
Have a Merry Scary Christmas Everyone !
Sandra Caldwell 2009 ©