Thursday, October 21, 2010


Halloween Thoughts by S. Caldwell

I cannot for the life of me
Understand why I like Halloween you see ?
I'm on a diet so candy it cannot be...
I don't like spiders
Or bats hanging upside down in a tree.

Never liked anyone biting on my neck
Or sticking my head in a tub of water  for apples and getting all wet.

Maybe others like seeing ghosts...not me don't like things that float.
Maybe it's the colors
That great Orange and Black
Or all the decorations
We hang up and stack
Maybe it's the costumes that everyone wears
Most of which make me smile or laugh or  even stare !
Seeing the kids run down the street and parents chasing behind
Carving the pumpkins and lighting them with candles inside
Halloween night is a fun   but sometimes a scary ride
My thoughts on this you all may share
Or you may feel you do not care
I think I will always know what Halloween means to me
Because of what I have listed and said above you see
Just one piece of candy...I wish I had...
But I'm sticking to my diet
And handing it  all out of this Trick or Treat bag !

Next year when Halloween comes...I'll read these words...
And see if my thoughts have changed.
Or just re-arranged ?

Happy Halloween
S. Caldwell 2010 ©

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Jeanne said...

{{claps hands in delight!}} What a fun little jingle! :0)